People's School? #general

Anna Olswanger <anna.olswanger@...>

In researching the town of Varniai in Lithuania, a translator
provided this description of the town >from Slownik Geograficzny
Krolestwa Polskiego i Innych Krajow Slowianskich [Geographical
Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and Other Slavonic
Countries], published in 1880:

Varniai had 19 houses, 205 inhabitants, a [Russian Orthodox]
church, 8 Catholic churches, 3 synagogues, a people's school, a
post and telegraph office, 49 stores, and a few small industries.
Market days were every Tuesday and Friday. Fairs (bazaars) were
held on March 19, June 27, and September 8.

Does anyone know what the term "people's school" means?

Thanks if you can help.

Anna Olswanger (researching Alschwanger/Olschwanger in Kretinga
and Varniai, Lithuania)

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