Re: Help with locations in East Prussia/Lithuania #germany

Roger Lustig <trovato@...>

M. Faber wrote:

...My GG Aunt was supposed to be >from Hedecruk near Leipzig in East
Prussia. She met her husband, who's family were shingledeckers,
when he was looking at trees. His family was >from Tavriz in/near
Kovno, Lithuania. My GG Aunt always claimed her mother was German.

I've been unable to determine what communities they are referring
to using Shtetl Seeker. Does anyone recognize these shtetls? Also,
when my GG Aunt and her father arrived in 1904 (at Ellis Island),
they listed Akrnauschken, Germany as their last place of residence.
Does anyone recognize this location?
Dear Monica:

may have information that will help, assuming that your Hedecruk is
actually Heydekrug. As for Leipzig, could they have meant Liepa? The
Leipzig I know is far to the west.

Roger Lustig

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