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Paula Shaiman <pshaiman@...>

Hi All,

There were more Jewish people in South Carolina during the 1600s,
1700s and 1800s then anywhere else in the US because of the
religious freedom. These families were originally >from Spain,
Poland, Germany, Russia, etc.

My son Jason Shaiman, is a Curator at the McKissick Museum in
Columbia, SC. He is the Project Manager of the above mentioned
exhibit. This exhibit was at the McKissick Museum >from January
2002 to April 2002. It is now at the Gibbes Museum, Charleston,
SC until November 16, 2002. The exhibit will open at Yeshiva
University Museum at the Center for Jewish History on February
6, 2003 through July 2003. The Museum of the New South in
Charlotte, North Carolina will show the exhibit in the fall of

I thought you all would like to see the history of the beginning
of Jewish Life in South Carolina and the USA. The exhibit is
most outstanding.

Paula Shaiman
Little River, SC

Researching: WILIAMOWSKI, WILLIAMS (Zambrow, Lomza, Poland; NYC;
Toms River,NJ; Tel Aviv; Buenos Aries); RUBINSTEIN (Zambrow, Lomza,
Poland; Mexico); RENERT, RENNERT (Galicia; Vienna; Czcrnowitz;
STEMBERG (Husi, Romania; NYC, B'klyn, NY; Syracuse, NY; NJ);
FISCHLER (Iasi, Romania; NYC; B'klyn, NY; CA; FL); SHAIMAN, SIMON...
[searching list truncated at allowable six lines]

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