Murray FREEDMAN Where are you? #general

Milton Blackstone <milton@...>

Dear Mr. Freedman:
Sorry to have to use JewishGen to seek a personal contact
but I know Mr. Freedman is known to many "genners" he helped
who seek info about Leeds residents.

A young gent named Jason Cain, is anxious to obtain some
information regarding Leeds relatives named Blackstone.
Unfortunately, the URL I have for him has expired so if any
readers are aware of his current URL, would you kindly email
me, I would gladly forward same to Jason, after obtaining Mr.
Freedman's permission. As an old friend, I would also like to
renew our acquaintance since having orignally been introduced
to him via our mutual friend, Saul Issroff. If read by Mr.
Freedman, I hope this message reaches you in good health.

Milton Blackstone
La Jolla, CA USA

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