Searching the Right "Yanova" ??? #general

Josie Barnett <josieb@...>

I would greatly appreciate if any one out there has any
suggestions as to the location of "Yanova by the border"
(soundlike spelling only). My 98 and 92 year old aunts
assure me that their father and his family originated from
this place which was situated on the Polish German border.

Family members started arriving in the UK >from about 1840
onwards. My grandfather arrived in the 1890s. According to
the 1901 UK census my maternal grandfather is listed as being
from Russia. I presume that his Yanova was then part of the
Russian Empire. My grandfather spoke Polish and Yiddish and
the family have always claimed to be >from Poland. He married
my grandmother in January 1902 who was >from Plonsk. This might
be an indication that they shared similar backgrounds and
that he did not originate >from the town of Janova in Lithuania.
My parents always used to exchange Pollack Litvak banter with
one another as my father's family were Litvaks.

I have tried searching shteitl links maps etc but till now
have not been able to work out where it is or the correct
spelling. I need to find an accurate political map of the area
from the period 1840 to 1890. My main reason for writing is
that their might be someone out their who might recognise this

The family name was something like Chanovitz in "Poland" which
was changed to Levene upon arrival in the UK. My grandfather's
Uncle had told all his relatives to call themselves Levene in
the UK. My Levene relatives settled in London, Leeds and Hull
with one branch ending up in Nottingham.


Josie Barnett
Jerusale/Tekoa Israel

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