Re: Translations from one language to another #general

Peter Zavon <PZavon@...>

This is indeed a useful tool but it, like all automated translators
currently available, can make some improbable word selections or
grammatical choices. If you know the language into which it is doing a
translation, you can catch the egregious errors, reword your original and
reach a pretty useful translation. If you don't know the language, you
are as likely to say something stupid, offensive or completely without
meaning in the target language as you are to successfully request your
great aunt's birth certificate.

Best to use these tools in combination with knowledge of the target

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY 14526


"David Kravitz" <> wrote in message

There are often posted requests for translation >from one language to
another. May I draw your attention to the website where you will find a free translator.
snip< It works quite well. I used it to write to a genner in France
and although I do speak French, I felt lazy. Either retype or, better
still, use your copy/paste facility.

David Kravitz

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