JGS Palm Springs CA November Meeting #general


Jewish Genealogical Society of Palm Springs California

Date: Sunday, November 24, 2002
Time: 2 p.m.
Place: 40111 Portulaca Court, Palm Desert

The speaker for the Sunday, November 24th meeting is Ted Margulis,
developer of his own web site at http://jewishwebindex.com, a compendium
of thousands of links and bits and pieces of information - all relating to
researching ones Jewish roots - sorted alphabetically by Country or by
Subject. There is no charge for using the site. Ted will demonstrate his
website. Ted has been interested in Jewish Genealogy since 1974 and has
traveled to Ukraine to visit his father's home town.

The meeting will be held at the home of Gay Lynne Kegan. Please email Gay
Lynne Kegan at glynne@....

Gay Lynne Kegan
President of JGS Palm Springs
Gay Lynne Kegan
Searching:HOFFENBERG, Josvainiai, Lithuania OWSIANKA Nasielsk Poland,
GOMER/GAMMER Chudnov, Urkaine KAGAN Novozlatopol Ukraine

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