Family Research in Lublin and Zamosc - what next? #general

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Dear Genners,

I have been researching my family >from Lublin and Zamosc for two years
now, including two trips to Poland.
My mother's family, Srul and Zysla GOLDBAUM and their two daughters
[Tobale and Sara] lived in Lublin, Ulica Kowalska 12. My grandmother's
[Zysla's] maiden name was FRYDMAN. She was the daughter of Hersch and Laja
[nee GOLDMAN]. On my first trip last year, I spent many hours at the USC,
looking for b.m.d. records, but found nothing. Before my second trip, two
months ago, I discovered that my grandfather's family was actually >from
Hrubieszow, and that he may have been born in Krasnobrod. Indeed, I found
his birth record in Krasnobrod [1893].
I also obtained their marriage record at the Lublin USC [1918], on which
it states that Srul was >from Hrubieszow, and Zysla >from Lublin. According
to the age stated on this record, she was born around 1897/8. Where else
can I look, if it isn't listend in the State Archives? I also did not find
the births of her siblings.

My father's family - MENDELSO[H]N- was >from Zamosc. I had a lot more
success here, however I have been trying, in vain, to find my father's
sister's married name. Her name was Hinda, and >from the inscription on the
back of what looks like a wedding photo [taken in February 1937 by a
photographer in Lublin] I know that her husband was Jakub. They both
perished in Warsaw, and not knowing the family name, I can not search for
them in the Warsaw Ghetto documents. >from the evidence of the photo, I
assume that they were married in Lublin.
If you have any suggestions as to where I should go >from here, I would be
very grateful. Also if anyone recognizes any of the names, please contact
me. Thank you in advance.

Sophie Frankenberg

Researching: In Poland:
FRYDMAN - Lublin, Chelm GOLDBAUM - Lublin, Hrubieszow, Krasnobrod
GOLDMAN - Lublin, Kock FOGELGARN - Lublin HALPERN - Krakow
GRUNBAUM - Krakow MENDELSO[H]N - Zamosc, Lublin

FRANKENBERG - Meinbressen, Kassel, Germany

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