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Hello all

1/ The g-g-father SMIETAN married with Chaja GRYNCAJG, living Warsaw
Nowoliki street 31 was know in the documents (1930's years) of his son as:
Icek (polish identity document )
Izak (polish-belgian identity document)
Isidore (french notary document)
We dont know his occupation, but his son Jozef 21 years was going in 1921 to
Leipzig, where is a great toys fair, for toys business...
2/ A certain Abram Sucher GRYNCAJG was working Nowolipki street 57 in 1923
(nothing in 1929) as toyshandler. I saw in Given Name Data Base that Sucher
can be equivalent of Yisakhar (yiddish) or Issachar (european secular)
3/ Besides, in this case they are many arguments that he take the name of
his wife (the name SMIETAN was infamous in according with family documents
and testimony of Isaak Bashevis Ginger) ; that I take as I. GRYNCAJG firstly
the same occupation of his wife in 1929 (She may be papier handler in 1923
and 1929), then in 1939 the own shop and succession of his wife.

My ask is: Can be Icek/Izak/Isydor equivalent of Abram Sucher/

Any help would be apprecied

Daniel Vangheluwe

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