searching for Shmuel FRIDMAN #general



I am searching for an old friend of mine (who has no computer)
his long lost brother-

Shlomo-Sioma- FRIDMAN was born in Lutzk-Volhynia,,Rolna Str. no
8.- in Ukrayina- Russia

During the war he()age 22) wandered with his younger brother-
Shmuel FRIDMAN (age 19), and as his parents did not survive the
Holocaust,he made a promise to his mother before they were
seperated - to look after his younger brother.

At the end of the WW2 his brother left in the firection of Kiev
and arrived at Boroshilvgrad, there he was taken to the Russian
army, and since then Shlomo had heard nothing >from his bother,
and his promise to his mother-which he could not fulfil- is
lying as a heavy stone on his chest.

So- if anybody heard or knows anything or could help him to find
Shmuel FRIDMAN-who should be now about 80 years old it would be
a real "Mitzwa".

Rina Yaacovi-Lauterstein

searching for LAUTERSTEIN

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