Shmulovitch bakeries, London #general

R Grant <rgrant1@...>

There was a chain of bakery shops in London,UK called Shmulovitch, during
the period after the war,WWII up until 1965 at least. One of the shops was
at the Manor House opposite Finsbury Park and at the entrance to the
Underground station. There was another in the East End, either in
Whitechapel or Aldgate. Apparently there where others, but the person
sending me this information couldn't remember where.

Is there someone that has information regarding these bakery shops or
their owners?

Ruth Grant nee Smulowitz, Maine, USA
BARAM/B'RAM >>Labun, Ukraine
FEIGENBLAT/FAJGENBLAT (any spelling/variation) >>Labun & Starokonstantinov,
LERNER >>Labun, Ukraine
VINESHTAYN/WINESTEIN (any spelling/variation) >>Labun, Ukraine
SMULOWITZ/SHMUELOVICH>>Nova-Aleksandrovsk, Lithuania

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