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Linda <altmanlh@...>

While it is true that the census is not always accurate, it still is a
valuable tool. It gives you a starting place to look for other
information. It can also answer questions. For example in the 1910 census
my g.g. grandparents Wolf and Betti LIEBERMAN are listed. The first time
I looked at this page I wasn't even sure that this was the right family so
I disregarded it. I just filed it away under misc. LIEBERMAN's. Then I
went back and took a good look at that page.
Wow! This is what I found out:
1)It was the right family, listing a widowed son that I had not known of before.

2)Their married daughter Sophia, was a few doors away with her husband and
3 children. The ages of the children match with other information I have.

3)The mysterious Issac RUBINBAUM, a witness to my grandparents wedding was
also living in the same apt. building. He may be a relative through
marriage. I believe his daughter Becky married one of the LIEBERMAN
brothers still living at home. Issac owned a tailor shop and I now wonder
if he helped my g.grandfather set up his laundry business.

4)It supported the possibility that my g.g. grandfather Wolf, may have been
married before. (I have suspected this based on birth records that I have)
He is almost 30 yrs older than his wife. His age agrees with the birth
records I have for his children. Betti's age is never listed on the birth

5)Combined with other documents I have, I got a really good snapshot of
this family between 1909 and April of 1910. A daughter of Wolf and Betti,
named Berlina, was living at home and in Sept of 1909 a pregnant Berlina
marries Louis and they live with Wolf and Betti. Based on city
directories, Louis was living with them before they were offically
married. Now, you have Wolf and Betti, 3 adult men ages 25 to 35, the
newly wedded Berlina and Louis, possibly a widowed aunt, and possibly a 21
yr old neice, all living in the same flat on the lower east side. It is
possible that the neice and aunt did not reside there at the same time
that Louis and Berlina did. In Feb of 1910 Berlina and Louis have a
daughter Anna, and sometime before the 1910 census they moved to E. 8th

6)It also told me that I have some more research to do:
There is a 21 year old single neice living with this family, no one has
any idea of who she is. There is a 58 yr old widowed aunt living with
them, it does not appear that this aunt is the mother of the neice - the
surnames are different. She is another mystery, nobody has ever heard of
her. And, My g.g. grandmother stated that she had a total of 9 children
with 7 still living. I can only account for a total of 5.

So, even though census information may not always be accurate, it still
should beused as a way to guide you to other records and as a way to piece
together a family's particular situation for a given year.

Linda Altman - Raleigh, NC
CHILLER/CHILLAR >from Lomza Gubernia, Poland.
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