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Dear list:

A while back ago I had posted a question regarding HaYehudi Hakadosh. It is
amazing the responses I had received. I want to thank Nachum Tuchman for
his recent posting to the group and to everyone else who had responded.
Through all the postings I was able to assemble quite a large tree but am
yet to find the proof statement for my own research. I have a question
that possibly Nachum in his recent posting or possible the group could
help with:

Firstly, I have some conflicting info with Nachum's recent posting:
I found that the daughter of HaYehudi Hakadosh married to Moshe b' Dovid
Biederman was Rivka Rachel. The daughter whose name may not have been
documented was married to a Shmuel Rafaels. Of the children listed of
Rivka Rachel and Moshe Biderman, I have another child listed by the name
of Shlomo Yechiel. Although I do not have the name of his wife, she was
the daughter of Yosef Horowitz m'Toroczyna.

As for my own research:

I am currently trying to find a connection between the Fabricant family and
HaYehudi HaKadosh. A tree I received, >from a now deceased relative lists a
Bubbe Golda Rabinovich who possibly married a Benyamin Fabricant. This
tree list Golda as a descendant of HaYehudi HaKadosh. Since there is a
Golda Rabinovich who was the wife of HaYehudi Hakadosh's son Yerachmiel.
I am guessing that the Golda I am looking for was Yerachmiel & Golda's
granddaughter. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Melinda Korbman

New Jersey

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