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On Dec. 3/02 Daniel Kazez (dkazez@wittenberg" wrote:

<< I have 2 questions:

1. Is there any logical reason that a person would be transferred from
Auschwitz to Gross-Rosen to Flossenburg? By chance, I see a person
described here as being transferred along the same path ("prisoner of KL
Auschwitz, then of KL Gross-Rosen and KL Flossenburg-Leitmeritz"):

2. Is there any known list of persons who were at Gross-Rosen or at
Flossenburg? >>

I happen to be ploughing through Daniel Goldhagen's repetitive and
sometime discredited "Hitler's Willing Executioneers." Coincidently, when
I read Mr.Kazez message, I had just broken off >from reading the
chapter "The Deadly Way," which discusses the death marches which moved
Jews westward. The chapter contains a map showing the directions the
marches took >from camps at Loslau and Czestochowa. One of the arrows
points toward Flossenburg. On p. 332 of my paperback edition of "Hitler's
Willing Executioners" there is a brief account of the emptying of the
satellite camps of the Gross-Rosen camp. Schlesiersee was one of these
four camps for women which were erected along the lower Silesian border in
October and November, 1944. It was a relatively small camp containing
about 1,000 women who had come >from Auschwitz. Goldhagen also writes at
great length about the Helmsbrecht camp which was a satellite camp of the
Flossenburg camp. This satellite camp was started in the summer of 1944.
Among other things, Goldhagen writes that it housed women who worked in
the Neumeyer armaments firm.

As for the logic of these movements, according to Goldhagen, the death
marches were just another way devised by the Germans to increase the
suffering of Jewish prisoners and cause their death, even as the Germans
were losing the war and closing the camps because there was no longer a
need to keep them open as they and the areas in which the camps were
located were "Judenrein" and had accomplished the purpose for which the
camps were erected. Goldhagen's view of German "logic" is that it was
directed toward ensuring the extermination of all Jews as cruelly as
possible even though some methods were not as efficient as others. Mr.
Kazez might want to read this entire chapter to get some idea of the
answers, at least those of Goldhagen's, to his questions.

I don't know of any lists of persons at Gross-Rosen or Flossenburg. A
cursory glance at the footnotes to this chapter did not suggest that there
were any. But I haven't consulted any of the other Holocaust books I have
in order to respond to Mr. Kazez so he also want to consult the
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust which even my smallish but growing local
public library has on its shelves.

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