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Dear Genners
The Newberry Library in Chicago Illinois provides an inexpensive and first
class service. They kindly searched the Chicago Daily News for Feb 8 - 18
1905 for me but sadly without success.
As reported by another Genner obituaries of Jews by newspapers were rarely
carried. I fully anticipated a report if not an obituary since my great
uncle John H Neiger was shot in the back in the restaurant located at 458
Milwaukee Ave. He died >from the wounds in the Elizabeth Hospital.
I have just obtained the information >from IRAD, the Ronald Williams Library
of Northeastern Illinois University. They posted a photocopy of the
Inquest official record to me in Europe, with a request for two dollars
for photocopying, which I will mail. The record includes details of
witnesses including my grandfathers name and address.
The "copperplate" style handwriting is difficult to read and I would
appreciate a private reply informing me if my deciphering is correct.
It appears to read
683 Clarmocurt Ave
(Also William Marks 333 W.North Ave, Minnie Levy 17 Cornelia Str and Samuel
Decker 349 W Erie Str) I believe these witnesses are relatives.
Any help much appreciated.
Best regards
Malcolm Dodd
Quinta do Lago 8135
NEIGER (Budapest/Cleveland/Chicago/NY)
LESERMAN (Chicago)

<< Subject: RE: NYC Obituaries 1904
From: "Ida & Joseph Schwarcz" <idayosef@barak-online.net>
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2002 14:18:52 +0200
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Although I was asked to reply privately, the notion of obituaries of Jews
who died in the New York area is of general interest so I decided to reply
to the entire group. As a former reference librarian at Hebrew Union
College in Cincinnati, I often encountered this question. None of the New
York newspapers, including the ones in Yiddish, commonly carried
obituaries of ordinary people. If the dead person was well-known, or had
died in mysterious circumstances, or had died at a very old age, there
might be a write up. Also, sometimes the families put paid death notices
in newspapers. In smaller towns, where there just one or two Jewish
funeral homes, all Jewish dead were mentioned in death notices.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel >>

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