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Stan Goodman <safeqNOT_HERE@...>

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002 14:39:54 UTC, (IsraelP)

The last few times that Israel has had elections, the Central Elections Committee
posted a version of the voter rolls on line so that people could find where to vote. I
found a few people that way, because the addresses are included in the
information. The problem was that in order to do the lookup, you need the
surname and national identity number.

In any case, this is to inform you that this year this service will not be available.
(Too bad - there were a couple of people I was sure I would finally locate.) There
is however a phone service (including in several foreign languages) which
purports to do the same thing. Of course, it must be used judiciously, because if
they realize that you are using it for something other than finding out where to vote,
you might not get any help. (I will try that myself later today.)

Israel Pickholtz
But the online telephone directory ought to be about as useful as
the voter rolls, is it not? And more frequently updated, at that.
Virtually everyone nowadays has a telephone, and very few telephones
are unlisted

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