Tarnow #general

Susana Leistner Bloch

Dear Tarnow researchers,

I have noticed that there is no Tarnow webpage in JewishGen ShtetLinks
and no group who looks after Tarnow researchers. If I am wrong I will
be delighted to be corrected!

I coordinate a group (KRRG) researching shtetlach within an approximate
30 miles radius of Kolbuszowa (Rzeszow Province) which included the
following Administrative Districts:Kolbuszowa, Lancut, Mielec, Nisko,
Pilzno, Ropczyce, Rzeszow, Strzyzow, Tarnobrzeg and I often receive
e-mails asking if we include Tarnow. My reply, of course, is that we do

There is a need for a Tarnow Group which would, preferably, include not
only the town of Tarnow but the shtetlach in the Tarnow Administrative
District. I would also like to see a _ShtetLinks_ Tarnow webpage.

Tarnow was an important city in the area of interest to KRRG and many
families >from our shtetlach relocated there for business reasons. I am
hoping someone comes forward to create and coordinate a Tarnow Group.
Since I have already been involved with two such groups I am willing to
spend some time showing someone "the ropes" on how to go about starting
a group and getting a website up (in JG ShtetLinks).


Susana Leistner Bloch
Kolbuszowa Region Research Group Coordinator

Coordinator for Special Projects
Suchostaw Region Research Group

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