Relative with Very Unusual Name #general


Hello, Genners,

I have tried for more than 18 months to make sense of an EIDB entry for
someone who entered the USA along with my maternal g-grandmother. After
belonging to the Discussion Group for a month, I thought I could
put this out to the group for input.

On October 1, 1900, my ggm, Tzeryl Golembe arrived in NYC >from Lubashov,
[Pinsk] Russia on the Rotterdam along with her children: Annie, Isidor,
Mollie and Harry. They were listed as:
Galemba Zrul 35
Galemba Tenne 10
Galemba Malke 5
Galemba Eisik 4
Galemba Herschel 3

Along with them was another child, a girl, listed as:
Galemba Perl Zerschube 11 niece.

My entire Golembe family has no idea who this girl is. Even if she had
been the daughter of a landsman, my mother feels that someone else in the
family would have known her or of her or her family. My gggrandparents,
my ggrandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. are buried in a Landsmanschaft Plot
for Lubashov in Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn. No Zerschubes there.

I am wondering if Zerschube means anything in Russian, Polish, Yiddish or
German. I have never found another EI record or a Rootsweb record with
that surname. Any ideas would be appreciated. While not impossible, it
seems strange to me for my ggm to adopt an unknown child just for the

Many thanks,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, California

searching for:
Golembe, Macnitsky, Rosenfeld, Rosenthal - Lubashov and Lakhva, Belarus
Berner - Krzywcze, Poland
Rubinger, Hochstadt, Wallach, Pacht, Grill - Putila,
Wiznitz, and Dorna [Vatra], Bukovina
Wiener, Windwer - Kolomyya, Ukraine or Bukovina
Geist - Kutno, Poland

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