Re: Relative with Very Unusual Name "Zerschube" #general


Hi, Genners,

I would like to thank all those who wrote to me both
through the group and privately. I would guess from
the responses that taking an "adopted" child along for
the journey was more common than I thought.

Still, with all explanations in, I do wonder why no
other Zerschube shows up on EIDB even if there are
other listings of Zerschube on other data bases.

<< On October 1, 1900, my ggm, Tzeryl Golembe arrived
in NYC >from Lubashov, [Pinsk] Russia on the Rotterdam
along with her children: Annie, Isidor, Mollie and
Harry. They were listed as:
Galemba Zrul 35
Galemba Tenne 10
Galemba Malke 5
Galemba Eisik 4
Galemba Herschel 3

Along with them was another child, a girl, listed as:
Galemba Perl Zerschube 11 niece..." <

And as a note about
misunderstood/misspelled/misrepresented names, let me
say that my ggm, Tzeryl [ a Yiddish diminutive meaning
"princess" just like the Hebrew Sarah] had her name
butchered into Zrul for the ship manifest. If it
hadn't been for the children, I never would have found
her in the EIDB.

In the United States, she went by the name of Celia.
Her husband, who had arrived 4 years earlier, was
named Yoel Shlame or Solomon in English - NOT Srul
[Yiddish for Israel.]

Also, having visited my great-aunt Annie's grave this
past summer, I can verify that her Hebrew name was
Teme Rivka [bat Yoel Shlame] so the Tenne listing is
not so far off.

I have found when looking for a name, one must have
great imagination. [Talking to yourself out loud
doesn't hurt either.]

Many thanks again,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco

searching for:
Golembe, Macnitsky, Rosenfeld, Rosenthal - Lubashov
and Lakhva, Belarus Berner - Krzywcze, Poland
Rubinger, Hochstadt, Wallach, Pacht, Grill - Putila,
Wiznitz, and Dorna [Vatra], Bukovina
Wiener, Windwer - Kolomyya, Ukraine or Bukovina
Geist - Kutno, Poland

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