Posting Family Tree to JewishGen #general


Hello, again, Genners,

Someone made the remark to the group the other day
that if more people would post their family trees to
the FTJP, we would be able to connect with many more
relatives and interested parties.

I would like to know how documented or complete one's
tree should be before posting. I would love to put my
data up, but I don't have documents for everything.
Sure I have some birth certificates, some death
certificates, some photos of cemetery markers... I
have some lines traced extensively and some have only
a few individuals. I also have informal letters,
e-mails, telephone conversations, and fragments of
notes >from long ago. I have obtained permission to
post relationships and members whose mention might
have upset the involved individuals.

Every day that passes, I feel another opportunity has
slipped by. I'm sure that many others who perceive
themselves as beginners are reluctant to post what
they have [because it's not official enough] but their
data may provide the missing link to someone else's
research. So, is a Work-in-Progress good enough? I
respect the fact that JewGen doesn't need to be
endlessly updating piecemeal data but what should the
standard be?

I have two success stories that I will share in a
future e-mail but suffice it to say that if I hadn't
gone looking frequently in the JGFF and other
listings, I would still not know three whole branches
of my ggf's family. These people had just their
immediate family to offer, [which they saw as "small"
but what a "huge" find they were!]

Thank-you in advance for entering the fray and
responding. I'm sure that everyone could benefit from
addressing this issue [both in clarification and in
new family members.]

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco

searching for:
and Lakhva, Belarus
BERNER - Krzywcze, Poland
Wiznitz, and Dorna [Vatra], Bukovina
WIENER, WINDWER - Kolomyya, Ukraine or Bukovina
GEIST - Kutno, Poland

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