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Sheila Schneider Verter, wrote:

<< I have a birth certificate that belongs to my grandfathers' sister's
baby. The country is Poland, the town is Przemysl and the date is March 30,
1892. The document was translated and the province is Geburts-Schein. This
is the actual wording on the document "Swiadectwo urodzin -
*I think that Geburts-Schein was the old name of the province which is now
I have looked at some Polish sites on the web but this information is not
listed and some details are in German or Polish. Does anyone know how I can
confirm the old and new province names?>>

Geburtschein = Birth Certificate in German language
Swiadectwo urodzin = Birth Certificate in Polish language.
On the galician austrian civil acts the terms, name, surname, name of
father, ...mother, etc appear in both languages German and Polish.
See the article of Gary Mokotoff "You don't have to be polish to read
polish vital records"- Avotaynu and Proceeding of the 5th seminar on jewish
genealogy, Paris 1997.

Przemysl is an important city in former province f Galicia, located on the
Bug river. A town which formed the border between western and eastern
Galicia. Przemysl was also on the border of the territories occupied by
Germany and Russia Sep/Oct1939-June 1941. Przemyl appears in any atlas and
on any maps at any time.


Stephane Toublanc
Paris France

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