SASLAVSKY in Buenos Aires or USA #general

Flo Elman

Dear Fellow JGenners,

I finally made a breakthrough in learning the married name of one of my
grandmother's sisters (nee Mirel POGRAN/ICH) who emigrated >from Nova Ushitsa
to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1891. Her husband's name was Leiser SASLAVSKY,
& he was born about 1858. Mirel was born around 1869. They had 2 sons (that
I know about) - Mottel SASLAVSKY b. 1888, & Pinchas SASLAVSKY, born around
February 1891.

Recently, I was informed that Mirel had 2 granddaughters, Estela & Felisa
SASLAVSKY. Estela's married name was ROSENBAUM & she has a son who is a
cardiologist in Buenos Aires.

Felisa moved to the USA with her husband Simon (surname unknown), & there
she has children & grandchildren.

If anyone is at all familiar with this family, or can help me to contact
them, it would be very greatly appreciated!!

I can be reached at -
Florence Nerenberg Elman

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