Do you recognise anyone? #general

Rose Raymen <rraymen@...>

Hi Genners

I have posted to ViewMate two photos taken in Shanghai in the early 1940's.
The third one is taken en route to Shanghai in 1938.

#1 is a photo of my father Josef, sister Jetka (pronounced Yetka) and
brothers Lew (pronounced Lev) and Daniel. There is also an unidentified
young man on the left side of the photo. Does anyone recognise him?

#2 is a photo of my sister Jetka and brother Lew in a pedicab with several
other children and the pedicab driver. Does anyone recognise any of the

#3 is a photo of my parents Josef and Zelda Zylberstein and my sister Jetka,
taken en route to Shanghai in 1938. Does anyone remember them?

The photos may be found at:

Please respond privately.

Many thanks
Rose Raymen

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