Re: Business Directory for NYC, circa 1910? #general

Joe Newman <replyto.jdaanew@...>

Check out the LDS entries for New York. They have quite a few for Manhattan
and the Bronx, not many for Brooklyn, mostly 'Trow's Directory'. The dates
range >from 1850's to the 1915. There are also RL Polk residential
directories and telephone directories for later years!
The LDS catalog numbers for 1910 are 1404076 and 1404077.

Joe Newman
Fayetteville, Arkansas
NEWMAN,NEUMANN(Hodasz,Kolcse,Debrecen Hungary; NYC)
PAVEL(Hodasz,Opaly,Vaja Hungary; NYC)
ROTH,FISCHER,FREIDMAN(Ragaly,Jakfalva,SzinPetri Hungary; NYC)
CHASEN,CHASIN,GOTBAUM(Ekaterinaslov/Dneprpetrovsk,Berdichev Ukraine; NYC)

"Is there a New York City Business Directory (circa 1910)? I am looking
for something other than the telephone book"

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