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I recently glanced at Chaim Freedman's *Eliyahu's Branches:descendants of
the Gaon of Vilna* published by our own Avotainu. I was doing research on
my KANTOROVITZ roots which we think come >from the Gaon of Vilna,the Gaon
did have a KANTOROVITZ descendant.. Though I did not look at all the
names, thousands of them, if I'm not mistaken I believe I did see a

My copy I found in the Israel National Library in Jerusalem, and I presume
you can find the book in any major Jewish or University LIbrary. I am sure
that the JEWISH Gen Group or Rav-SIG can forward you to it.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem/Efrat

ps. there is a MALIN family in Jerusalem

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Dear Genners,
After my success with the GABRIEL family, I am hoping I will be lucky
again with this inquiry.
My great-great-aunt Mary KANTOROWITZ (COHEN) b. ca. 1882 married Zedel
(William) MALLIN ca. 1911.
They had: Albert MALLIN b. 7 Apr. 1912 d. Oct. 1977 Philadelphia, PA
m. Lillian and had three children
Aaron William MALLIN b. 16 Oct. 1913 d. June 1976
m. Sylvia WEISS 26 Jan. 1939
William S. MALLIN
Eugene S. MALLIN
I was fortunate to find that cousin Aaron was in Who's Who in the East
(1974? edition), which told me he was a prominent neurologist and
psychiatrist in Philadelphia and taught at the University of Pennsylvania
Medical School and was on staff at various hospitals in Philly. It gave
me his wife and children's names. But now I am stumped. How do I find
the children? I assume they are in their 60's now and with children and
grandchildren of their own.... I have checked and and but there are a lot of MALLINs in
Pennsylvania and none seem to fit. There appears to be a Eugene MALLIN in
San Diego, but no address listed for him and it might not be the right
Do any of you remember this family or can you point me in the right
direction for further searching? To my frustration I can't even find them
on the 1910, 1920, or 1930 censuses for Philadelphia so they may have been
using a different spelling at that point. Aaaaagh.
Please help.
Yours, Jenny Schwartzberg

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