Re: Polish birth certificates (after 1900) #general

Ira Leviton

"I would be very interested to hear >from anyone that can offer
any suggestions and/or has been successful in obtaining birth,
marriage and death records after 1900 >from a Civil Records Office
in Poland."

Although I was not successful in getting Urzad Stanu Cywilnego
records, at least I was able to get an answer of a sort. Two
years ago I wrote simultaneously to the Polish State Archives as
well as the USC of Rypin, my father's home town, asking for birth
records spanning 10 years before and after 1900, respectively.
After several months, I had received and translated the preliminary
information >from the Archives but hadn't heard anything >from the
USC, so when I followed up with the Archives I told them that I
had written to the USC without getting a response. They contacted
the USC and obtained a copy of a letter that they had written to
me in Polish, which they forwarded to me, stating that they couldn't
find any records for my family.

I suspect that the USC hadn't bothered to send the letter back to
me because it costs them postage to do so, and that nobody there
was able to read the records, which were written in Russian for
the time period I was seeking. I had been very specific about the
information I requested; the Archives easily found the records I
wanted, and I expect that they will be able to send the post-1900
records to me in a few years when the USC sends them to the Archives.
Since I'm not in a big hurry, this has allowed me to resist the
temptation of writing again to the USC, putting a $20 bill in the
envelope, and saying that if they can find the records I want this
time, I'll pay again for additional records next time.

Ira Leviton, New York, N.Y.
LEWITAN (Rypin and Myszyniec, Pol.)
NIEDOBITEK (Rypin, Pol.)
BLANK (Niedzwiada and Ropczyce, Pol.)
REBHUN, REPHAN, etc. (Rzemien, and Ropczyce, Pol.)
KORN (Gorlice and Ropczyce, Pol.)
ATLAS (Wien/Vienna, Austria)

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