Re: Too Many M's #general

Anita Citron <anitac47@...>

People were very loose with their names. In my family, Israel
Chaimovich became Chaim over here (although the manifest reads
"Israel") and but called himself Morris and was also known as
Hyman. Another member: Moshe became Morris which became Miguel
(on his migration to Argentina).

People changed their names quite readily and easily. As my
relative did, he used his shortened middle name (patronymic) but
then somehow became Morris.

It's all in a day's work.

Anita Citron
Hicksville, NY
(Ladyzhin/Odessa),ODESSKY(Lipovets/Odessa), NEPOMNYATSHY
(Voznesensk/Odessa), TRACHTENBERG (Gritsev/Starykonstantinov/
Odessa/Vienna/Belgium), FURMAN (Pyatkovko/Odessa), FINGERHUT/
FINGERET (Ananyev/Voznesensk/Odessa), MEDNIK/WILDMAN (Berdichev)

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