documents from Poland #general

lili susser <susserl@...>

"I would be very interested to hear >from anyone that can offer
any suggestions and/or has been successful in obtaining birth,
marriage and death records after 1900 >from a Civil Records
Office in Poland."
I have a stack of documents >from Poland's Archives and USC
including: Krakow, Lodz, Plock and Wloclawek. When I ask for
documents I ask for "what records do you have for this family",
and include all the information available to me. "If you don't
have this info. please forward to the office that may or suggest
where I may be able to find them. I include a International postal
exchange coupon in the amount of $1.75. The answer used to take
a couple of months, now about 3 weeks. Often you can correspond
trough e-mail. I find their researchers top and their fees the
Happy New Year
Lili Susser

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