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Roberta Sheps <roberta.sheps@...>

Dear Tom et al

Thomas Fisher wrote:
I have a question. My last name is Fisher. I have heard Fisher
is a Scottish, English, German, Czech and even Jewish name.
My father thinks we might have some Jewish in our background,
is Fisher a Jewish name I don't even know.
Fisher is indeed a name common to all of the languages >from the
Teutonic group (including here Scotland which along with England
had considerable input >from the Danes, and of course, Yiddish- no
early contact with the Danes as far as I know.) The spelling varies
a bit, but it's basically the same word with the same meaning
(someone who fishes).

Incidentally there was a Jewish German playwright associated with
Bertolt Brecht named Irwin Fischer who in what is generally assumed
to be a flash of wit changed his last name to Piscator. (same name,
sort of, in Latin).

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England (born in Winnipeg, CAnada)

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