JGDG " Fun" - raising #general

Lilli Sprintz <spri0037@...>

The header for this wonderful discussion groups says, :

~~~~~~~~~~JewishGen's Annual Appeal and YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~
$300,000 needed by year end
$181,135 raised Aug 5 to Dec 13
Come on everybody, i'd like to invite you all to send some more
extra money, if it's not a hardship, to help these wonderful people.

Give me a J - Jewish

Give me a G - Gift

Give me a D - Discussion

Give me a G - Gift again!

(how to tell if someone was in sports in high school in the united
states in the 1960's - these silly team cheers using the letters of
the team name )

this stands for.... *Jewish Gen Discussion Group*

Have fun, everyone.

Lilli Sprintz

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