Re: Levy/Halevy Segal #general



As far as I know Levy is/was a helper to the Cohanim. HaLevy (The Levy)was used
to differentiate between Moshe The Balegule, Moshe The Levy, or Moshe The
Cohen. Sgan "sameh, gimel, nun" (in modern Hebrew) means second to (Second to
the person in charge), therefore, if Sgan is an assistant, and "Segan"
or "Segal" is also an assistant, then "Sega(n)(l)" before the Levy means that
the person was an assistant to a Levy. As a Levy, I know (>from Hejder) that I
was to assist a Cohen. I do not recall (its over 58 years) that the Leviates
had also assistants.

Arie Wishnia
Ft. Myers, Fl.

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