Origin of my surname Zimmak #general

Fred Zimmak <Fred.Zimmak@...>


I asked about where my surname Zimmak could come >from and I
got answers to that. A big thank you to everyone who helped me.

It seems that the origin for Zimmak would be Tzemach - tzaddeh,
mem, chet - in Hebrew, which means plant, sprout or root. And
could be used as a male first name. So it's possible that my
grandfather Wolff Zimmak's own father was named Tzemach. If he
lived at the time when Jews had to take family names, he might
have taken that as his last name, since prior to that he would
have been known as Ze'ev Tzemach in Hebrew. The name was also
used for Messiah. The name is not common, but it's ok to use.

Another answer is that the name Zimak and Zimek (but not with mm)
derives >from the village of Ziemaki, in Makov district., Poland.
This could be a village near Sieldce, about 100 Km >from Makow.
The source is >from a book written by Alexander Beider who made
a survey of Jewish surnames in early 20th century Poland:
Dictionary of Jewish surnames >from the Kingdom of Poland.

This gives me a hint what to look for. Maybee to many things
to look for. I don't know if things became easier. Because it
is very many ways to spell Tzemach.

Could my ancestors used the name in two ways? One wich comes
from the Hebrew word. And one that sounds more Polish.
Fred Zimmak / Sweden

Seeking information about:
HOFER, FEST, Schrattenberg, Loweraustria. (Not Jews!)
STEINER, Leletice (or Drahenice?), Prachensky, Czech repulic
EHRLICH, Drahenice, Prachensky, Czech repulic
ROSENBERG, COHN, Sztum, Elblaskie, Poland
GOLDSCHMIDT, ROSENBERG, Tczew, Gdanskie, Poland
SIMSON, ZIMMAK, TZEMACH, Dabrowno, Olsztynskie, Poland

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