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יונתן בן ארי <yonatan@...>

I sent a private message to someone to this effect, but I mentioned that "if
i"m not mistaken this is the way its refered to in the talmud, not
necessarily in today's (even orthodox) modern usage.

As a supposedly "modern orthodox" (i don't like labels) individual when I
refer to levels of cousins I use the modern (or secular) usage of
bvnei-dodim rishonim for first cousins, etc.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem/Efrat

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Dear all.

Jane Vogel wrote:

David Framowitz sent me this answer:
First cousin - Ben (or Bat) Dod
First cousin once removed - Ben Ben Dod (et al)
Second cousin - Ben Dodan Ha'Em (or Ha'Av)
or - shlishi b'shlishi (which I didn't quite get but I asked him
to clarify).
I just received a note >from a fellow genner, saying that in the orthodox
society they use instead of the term Ben-Dod or Dodan (cousin): Sheni
Be'Sheni (second in second).
Shlishi Be'Shlishi (third in third) means second cousin.
It simply counts the generations in between.
Best regards,
Udi Cain, Jerusalem.

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