Re: Please help with EIDB #general

David Edelman <pappapeach43@...>

Dear Barry and anyone else with this problem;
Although I have been able to find both of my grandmothers on the EIDB, I
have not been able to find either of my grandfathers. They all came about
the same time, 1920's. I have even tryed looking for them under their
mothers maiden names. (If you are fleeing your old country, remember, you
may be reluctent to give your correct, real name!) Also, wth the case of
my wife, it was the mothers father who paid for the tickets, so it was
listed under that families name.
David Edelman
San Francisco.

<< I would appreciate any help or advice anyone can give me with the
EIDB. I have tried every twist and turn and tweaking on the EIDB, Morse
one step and the regular one, to find my 2 grandparents, but despite
having a lot of information about them, and using Soundex on the Morse
DB and multiple attempts cannot find their record. >>

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