Re: Subject: U.S. Ports of immigration most likely from Cuba #general


Ron and other Genners,

New Orleans was a major point of entry, but just from
my brief EIDB work yesterday, I see that ships from
Bermuda, Cuba and other Carribean ports came to NYC

As far as I know there is no on-line index of the
other US ports.

Good luck,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

< I'm unable, try as I may, to find 2 of my gf's
brothers on EIDB.

The story goes that there were quotas in the early
1920s and these guys left Russia and spent a year or
so in Cuba before the quotas relaxed and they could
continue on to the US, and New York... Be that as it
may, can anyone guesstimate what US port(s) would be
the most likely to search for their arrival >from Cuba
in 1921/1922,and are they indexed?


Ron Goldman, FL.

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