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I have sent the following message some time ago but never received any
acknowledgement. Wonder whether is was ever received or am I doing
something wrong. Many thanks.
I am researching the family of Rabbi Erwin Weinberger of Kew Gardens, NY.
This is what is known:
Father: David Weinberger born March 3, 1870 in Budapest; died Oct. 17, 1934
in Vienna. He was an Oberofficial at the Wiener Kultusgemeinde and a
talmudic scholar, Chasan sofer, Kisav sofer, Shevet Sofer. Address:
Pressburg Judengasse
Mother: Hedwig Weinberger/Blau born Sept. 9, 1889 in Karlsburg, Rumania.
Deported >from Vienna to Riga Jan. 11, 1942, 14th transport #247.
Her Father: Rabbi Felix Blau, Oberward, Obere Donaustrasse 49.
Father's parents: Marcus Weinberger, a master tailor in Budapest, married to
Anna Pollak.
Brother: Miklos Weinberger
Sisters: Katiza, Rosi (daughter Boeschke) and Lena.
David Weinberger married three times: Hermine Kranitz, Katarina Tauber and
Hedwig Blau.
If you have any information on any member of this
family please contact Marianne Salinger
marisali@... Thank you.

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