And another useful database at the library #general

Carol Gurstelle <cgurstelle@...>

Another useful database I found at my local library is the
CD-ROM version of the Sandborn fire insurance maps. They are
also a Proquest product, but I'm not sure how widely available
they may be. The Minneapolis Public Library has a set for many
towns in Minnesota. They can be accessed in the library, of
course, and by remote users, but only if their card is
registered with the Minneapolis system.

The maps show a neighborhood in great detail, with the outlines
of the buildings and the street addresses for each one. Many of
the commercial sites are also indentified. Several years ago,
my father went through the Minneapolis City Directories from
1903-1919 and listed the addresses where his father's cousins
lived. That neighborhood no longer exists; it's been replaced
by freeway interchanges and the Metrodome, but thanks to the
maps, I have a good idea of what it was like then. I've taken
Dad's list and plotted the locations on a map. It's interesting
to see how some of the families moved on to "better"
neighborhoods as they became more established (or had more
family members working.)

Carol Gurstelle
Roseville, MN

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