Generali Insurance - deadline passed #austria-czech

Paul King <samorai@...>

On 15 November last, Tomer Brunner posted information regarding life
insurance claims >from Generali [see below for full e-mail]. I double-checked
with Tomer and he informed me that claims could still be made to January
2007. He provided me with the Jerusalem office telephone number. I contacted
them and received the following information:

1. They do not handle forms for Generali.
2. The date for making claims has long expired.
3. Generali does (or did not?) handle claims originating >from holders in
4. Contact Generali in Italy for any further information.

Several respondents wrote giving a brief synopsis of their experience in
making claims. I found at least 7 names of relatives on the Generali list.
All have living direct descendants - either offspring or 'grand offspring'.
I contacted one son of a person on the list who had two insurance policies
listed in his name. The son informed me that he made a claim on the two
policies without legal help and, while it took some time (about 2 years),
the relatively simple process resulted in the payment of a sum which was
more than symbolic, but did not attain the amount that a dormant account
bearing interest would normally pay.

The person on the Generali list left Germany in the mid-1930s and passed
away in the 1960s. Thus, the list is not restricted to Holocaust victims.

I have no further information to add to the above.

Paul King

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