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Dear Barry and anyone else with this problem;
Although I have been able to find both of my grandmothers on the EIDB, I
have not been able to find either of my grandfathers. They all came about
the same time, 1920's. I have even tryed looking for them under their
mothers maiden names.
>from my own experiences I've learned that one had to have a lot of luck,
often doubt all one thinks one knows, and not believe all that is written.

Example: I'm pretty sure I've found my maternal great-grandparents with
their three youngest children. Once here in the US the surname became
SIMON, but >from a Russian document awarded to my ggf I learned the name in
Vitebsk gubernia was SCHEN. I found a matching family group on the EIDB
with the surname SZEN. However, their destination was Passaic, NJ rather
than the Buffalo, NY area where the older children who preceded them had
settled. The person they were going to (Lowy SZEN) was close enough to the
oldest child Louis to be right. The address was 19-21 Grey St. However,
with the help of the NJ Archives I learned there was no Grey St. in
Passaic, even in 1904, the year of their arrival. Sometime later I was
doing lookups in early Buffalo city directories and came across a
son-in-law living at 19-21 Grey St. in Buffalo!

Oh, another problem with the family I found on the EIDB... my 16 year old
grandMOTHER was listed with an "m" in the sex column!

Another son who stated he arrived in May 1902 on his Declaration of
Intention was found to have arrived on the EIDB in July 1903, a year and
two months later.

I have an ETZKIN family who was on the EIDB as GOLDMAN.

On my paternal side an uncle stated on his Declaration the same ship and
date of arrival as my grandfather stated on his Declaration. The uncle was
10 months old when he arrived. Actually he arrived 3 months earlier on a
different ship with my grandmother.

Family lore has my GREENBERG family name as originally TRAEGER. I've found
members on EIDB with such names as SAKOL, SOKOLAW, SNIPELITSKY and JRUNBERG
(this was an obvious mistranscription).

Bob Wexler
South Wales, NY (Buffalo area)
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