Re: ViewMate - Polish translation request - Arolsen archive

David Lewin

I possess "Glossary of ITS Terms & Abbreviations" produced by the staff of the Registry of Holocaust Survivors at the Washington Us Holocaust Museum

It is undated (at a guess 2008) and has a comment from William Connelly that "it is frequently updated

I cannot find it at USHMM today and ill gladly scan its 80 pages or so if wanted as a PDF

David Lewin

At 01:06 10/12/2019, tom wrote:
i've posted an image of a record from the Arolsen archive, which is in polish. it's for a survivor of the camps, originally from the island of rhodes. i am interested in the form itself, both the title and the field names, because i would like to know what it was supposed to be used for. (the person eventually travelled via italy to africa.)

please respond via the form provided on the ViewMate image page (or directly to my email address).

....... tom klein, toronto

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