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Robert Fraser <rwfgjf@...>

Maria is a typically Catholic name (although related to Miriam which is an
equally typical Jewish name), but I don't think one can infer >from the
name "Maria" that the lady in question might not have been Jewish. A great-
grandmother of mine had the given name of Magdalene - but she certainly
was Jewish. What's in a name?

Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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<< I found the following on the Ellis Island website while
looking for my grandmother, Maria May: "Ungarian German chg >from
Hebrew". I e-mailed the site, but they did not reply. Can anyone tell
me what this means? >>

==I can make a guess: she was listed originally (on the ship's
manifest?)as "Hebrew" and asked to have it changed to Hungarian-German.
Ungarn is the German word for Hungary. I notice the name Maria, a form that
was anathema for many European Jews; is it possible she was not Jewish?

Michael Bernet,
New York

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