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<< A covert part of the Brigade made incredible efforts to help displaced
persons after the war to reach Mediterranean ports and sail to Palestine,
while the visible part kept going with the "official" activities. They
forged orders and papers and arranged the logistics to "dissappear" trucks
>from their official missions and help survivors reach the ports and cross
the closed gates in Palestine. They evaded controls in a hurry before the
survivors were forced back by the Allied decision to their destroyed towns,
and also mounted covert operations to smuggle weapons to Palestine. >>

==Im my book on the Six Day War, "The Time of the Burning Sun," I gave
intensive space to the exploits of one such hero of the Brigade, Capt. Jonah
Hatsor (originally Koenigshoefer, >from Cologne, Germany) and his endeavors to
help Jews escape >from Europe to British-occupied Palestine. He later became
military adjutant to President Chaim Weizmann and sergeant-at-arms of the
Parliament. He is also a keen genealogist.

Michael Bernet,
New York

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