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Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

Anyone interested in the Holocaust and the history of the Jewish Brigade,
might want to read "The Avengers" by American journalist Rich Cohen. "The
Avengers" is the true story of three Jewish teenagers >from Vilna (two young
girls and a boy)who narrowly escaped the Vilna ghetto (and certain
annihilation) by hiding in the forests. There they banded together with
other young Jews; over the next couple of years they sabotaged the Nazi war
effort by blowing up bridges and trains carrying German troops. Towards the
end of the war, the three of them manage to get to Israel; there the two
young men became active in the Hagannah and the fight for independence from
the British.

An uncompromising, "gutsy" book that at times raises disturbing moral
issues --in regard to acts of vengeance committed (or planned) by the young
Avengers against the Nazis in the closing days of WWII.

I should add that I have no financial investment in this publication,
nevertheless I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in reading about
Jews during the Nazi occupation of Europe who refused to be "led to the
slaughter" (a still controversial slogan coined by one of the young

Naidia Woolf

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