Magdalena #general

Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

My 60 year-old sister, Magdalena, was named after our ggm Magdalena born in
Eisgrub in 1847 and died in Vienna in 1932. The family was Jewish, her
grandfather was a Rabbi. Why they named her Magdalena is beyond me and a yet
unsolved mystery.

Sally Goodman
Palm Springs, CA

ABELES Vienna, San Francisco; CARDOZO London, Rochester, NY, NYC; GOITMAN
Kishinev; HAYS Germany, Rochester, NYC; KIRSCHBAUM Jaroslaw, Vienna;
MANDELBERG Jaroslaw, Vienna, Berlin; MUHLSTEIN Rzeszow, Vienna; NEUSPIEL,
Nikolsburg, Moravia; Vienna & Hollabrunn Austria; RESHOWER Austria, Germany,
NYC; ROSENSTOCK Stryj, Rzeszow, Jaroslaw; STEIN Stryj, Vienna.

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