Czech vital records #austria-czech

Henry Wellisch <henry.kelwel@...>

The Family History Library (FHL) has never been allowed to microfilm
the Czech vital records. One would have thought that after the demise
of the communist regime this would change, but it has not. It is
interesting to note that the Hungarian and Polish archives even
during the communist era, did allow the FHL to microfilm Jewish vital
records and censuses.
Now that Slovakia is separated >from the Czech Republic the Slovak
archives have permitted filming of records by the FHL and some have
already appeared in the FHL catalogue. However, contents of the most
important Slovak archive, the one in Bratislava, have not yet appeared
in the FHL catalogue. At some of the annual Jewish genealogical
conferences officials >from the FHL gave talks on their activities.
During question time the filming of records, including the Czech ones,
did come up. The answer was always, that negotiations are in progress,
but nothing can be reported at this time. I think that's where it
stands now.
Henry Wellisch

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