Re: The origin of the VENETIANER surname #hungary

Steve Gaffin <batgalim@...>

VIZNITZER does sound promising, and I used to know a Prof Viznitzer, a
dean at Tel Aviv University Medical School in the 1970s, and world
expert in sepsis and infectious diseases. Perhaps a telephone call to
him would be rewarding.

Steve Gaffin
Framingham MA USA

Researching GRACE PELLETZ JAFFE GAFFIN >from Kamajai, Kupiskis, Kaunas,

From: Dr Shimon Barak
It sounds very logic, but I would look also at variations to the name
VIZNITSER or VINNITSER that are found among families originally >from
Vizhnitsa (Wisnicz) in Poland or Witznitz (5109 1229) and Vietznitz
(5244 1238) in Germany

Shimon Barak, Israel>>

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