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Don and Debby (Gincig) Painter <painter@...>

Having both Jewish and non-Jewish family, I am a bit confused by this

Many of the names I see listed as "Jewish" seem to have their origins
from the Bible. But in the bible names such as Peter, Paul, John, Mary
and even Jesus were names used during that period and were they not all
Jewish at that time? Agreeably, over time, certain names have been
synonymous with one religion or the other like those I've just
mentioned. But having said that, we must also keep in mind that some
religious groups such the Quakers and the Amish often used/use
traditional biblical names. For example, the genealogy of my
sister-in-law's family (she is not Jewish) such names as Elias/Eliaz,
Moses, Benjamin, Abraham, Daniel, and Solomon.

Then there is my Jewish family which includes "national" names from
Germany, France, Paraguay, and Poland such as Johanna, Herman, Olga,
Henri, Emilio, and Rosa. All of which came >from religious families and
never came to the US or Canada.

Keep in mind that are many reasons why a child will be named what they
are named: nationality, depth of religiousness, attitude of the time,
family, or in honor of someone outside the family who may not be Jewish.
Born into the religion, the child will be Jewish no matter what he/she
is named. To quote a famous saying: "What is in a name? A rose by
another name is still a rose."

And please, no heated responses this is just one person's personal

Thank you,
Debby Gincig Painter

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