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Stephane Toublanc <toublanc@...>

Daniel Gee asked:

A friend is seeking information about her surname which is SMAUS.
I believe her family may have hailed >from Germany whewas SCHMAUS.
One branch escaped the ward and settled in London, England.
I have checked the FTJP for this name and have found nothing.
Does this name mean anything to anyone?
Also can anyone sugges what the name may have derived from?

There is also a family SCHMAUS in Krakow. I have a friend who lived in
France, born SCHMAUS. Her father left Krakow for Paris in 1926.
On the Krakow shtetlinks site, the surname SCHMAUS appears in Krakow
since the first part of the 19th century.


Stephane Toublanc
Paris - France

Looking for
ROSENMAN(N), Lwow, Buczacz and Tarnopol area.
MACHAUF, Krakow, Bielsko, Vienna.
BASSER, Krakow, FRIEDMAN, Krakow. WINKLER, Krakow.

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