Re: Moses an Egyptian Name? #general

Jeff Malka <malkajef@...>

My understanding is that Moses is indeed an Egyptian name. Many Pharaohs
and other Egyptians had "Mose" as part of their name: Thutmosis (or more
correctly Tutmose), Ramses (Ramose in Egyptian hieroglyphics), Amonmose
come to mind but there mere many others.

Jeff Malka, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.O.S.
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William is half right in his assertion that Moses was an Egyptian name.

As we all know >from Exodus 2:10, Pharoah's daughter drew out the infant
from the water and thus named hum Moshe (since Hebrew for 'drew out' is
Meshitihu). HOWEVER, Pharoah's daughter was Egyptian and would not have
known the Hebrew word 'Meshitiyu'. A commentary known as the 'Ebn Ezra'
states that she actually called him 'Monios' [Egyptian for 'drew out']
and that Moshe is actually a translation >from the Egyptian.

J Schamroth (Jerusalem)

I heard once that Moses was actually not a Hebrew name, but an Egyptian

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