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Ken Donow asks:

<< My maternal grandfather was born in Paris in 1886. He was the sons
of Polish Jews >from the Sulwak gobernia. My questions are these:

Did the Jews who entered Paris at that time have to document their
If so, how did that work? To whom would I write for a copy of the
documentation? His birth certificate indicates residence in the 4th?
Would I be writing to the Mairie? If so, for what would I be asking? >>

Before 1893 it was not always an obligation to be registered. Up 1893
every strangers had to be registered at the police of residence.

When did your g-parents arrive in France? Did they become French
citizen? If yes, you will be able to find more in their French
naturalization dossier, and before in the dossier they got to be allowed
to have their permanent residence in France, (dossier DOM, admission a
domicile). These dossiers are preserved in our National Archives.
They can be registered in some census, these census are available in the
Archives de Paris. You will find nothing in the Mairie over 100 years.

What was their profession? Accorded with profession, for some you can
also find documents, but not always.


Stephane Toublanc
Paris - France

Looking for
ROSENMAN(N), Lwow, Buczacz and Tarnopol area.
MACHAUF, Krakow, Bielsko, Vienna.
BASSER, Krakow, FRIEDMAN, Krakow. WINKLER, Krakow.

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